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How to set up automation with ManyChat
ManyChat is a web service for visually constructing a bot in a messaging application. To automate, you need to register in ManyChat using your Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram account. So, first we need to connect Boomerangme account to ManyChat. In the Integrations section of the Boomerangme account, we find “Cards integration with ManyChat”, click “Connect”, install the application and connect the Boomerangme account using the Api key. The available Boomerangme actions are shown below.
Next, you need to connect the bot. If you don't have a bot yet, you can create one, for example, in Telegram. You need to send a message to @BotFather with the text /start and then follow the instructions.
Go to the Settings=> Channels=>Telegram section and fill in the required fields.
The next step is to go to Settings=>Automation=>Fields. We create custom fields so that user data from Boomerangme is written to ManyChat. This data will be used in automations. The main fields that may be useful to you are shown below in the screenshot.
Go to the "Automation" section and click "+ New Flow"
We can create automation from scratch or using a template.
Next, you need to select triggers from the list.
And set up actions. To add a Boomerangme action, select Next step=>Actions=>Boomerangme and select the desired action.
Make field mappings.
Optionally, you can also write data from Boomerangme to ManyChat fields.
When the automation is ready, click "Set live".
Below is our automation example: the user follows a referral link or writes one of the keywords to the chat bot (these are our triggers), then the bot asks to write a first name, last name, phone number, and email. This data is recorded in the corresponding contact fields, then a customer is created in Boomerangme and a card is issued to him, then a message is sent to the user in Telegram with a link to install the card and with a link to share the card with a difference of 10 seconds.