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How to set up automation with KonnectzIT
KonnectzIT is an affordable and accessible platform that offers users a simple way to automate manual tasks. To create an automation, you need to have a KonnectzIT account.
You can go to the KonnectzIT page from your Boomerangme account: go to the integration section and find "KonnectzIT", click "Connect".
Sign in or create an account.
In the "Apps" section, find "Boomerangme" and click Boomerangme.
Connect our Boomerangme account using our Api key.
Then click on the "Create Konnectz" button.
In the top field, enter the name of the automation. In our example, it is called "Test".
Applications for automations are on the left. 
In the search, we start typing Boomerangme.
Now let's drag the Boomerangme app to the center of the screen (the field to create our automation).
Let's set up a trigger (the event that will start our automation): copy the webhook URL, go to "Webhooks" in your Boomerangme account, click "Add webhook", paste the webhook URL and select Customer created. Click "Add webhook."
Go back to the automation page in Konnectz and click "Capture webhook response".

Now we need to perform a test action, which is to create a customer.
In Boomerangme's personal account, go to the Cusromers section and create a new castomer.
Great! Now the data of the created customizer is displayed in our automation.
To display the full list of data, press "+" and select "Select all" in the modal window.
The full list of data from the Create customer event is now displayed.
The next step is to select an action: from the list of apps on the left, select Boomerangme and drag it to the center of the screen.
From the drop-down list, select the "Create Card for Customer" action. Select an account
Select a card template from the drop-down list. And match the Customer ID fields.
Now click the Test&Review button.
The automation is ready: when you create a customer, a card is issued to him. You can add the next automation steps if you want.
You need to publish the automation.
Now when a customer is created in Boomerangme he will be issued a card
You can edit or disable the automation at any time.