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Agency margin profit calculator

Learn how much Gross Margin you can earn by offering Loyalty as a Service to your clients
Running a successful marketing agency requires careful financial management and a deep understanding of your profit margins. Knowing how much profit you are making on each client project or campaign is crucial for making informed decisions about pricing, expenses, and growth strategies. One tool that can help you calculate and optimize your profit margins is a gross margin profit calculator.
But what exactly is a gross margin profit calculator for marketing agencies? It is a simple yet powerful tool that helps you determine the profitability of your agency by calculating the gross profit margin.
COGC=(259+((N - 3)*15)
GM - gross revenue
Revenue - agency revenue
COGC - the expenses for our service paid by the agency
N - number of agency clients planning to onboard loyalty (sub-accounts)
P - price at which the agency will sell loyalty.