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Learn more about finding and attracting clients
e Prospecting section is designed to quickly find potential clients and create sub-accounts for them with ready-made card templates and a personalized landing page.
To find potential clients, choose the filter that interests you. There are a total of 6 main filters corresponding to the business niches: Food and Beverage, Health and Wellness, Retail, Hospitality, Medicine, Professional Services. Set the filter you're interested in and select a company on the map.
You can also search in a specific area. To do this, click on "Search in Area".
You can also enter the company name in the search bar.
On the map, click on the company for which you want to create a sub-account.
Click the "Create Sub-account" button. The sub-account creation form will appear in a few seconds.
In the form, you can modify the sub-account details, plan, and prices, or you can leave everything as default. By default, a sub-account is created on the Business Trial plan.
You can send an offer to the company's email (for this, the Mailgun or Sendgrid service must be connected) during the sub-account creation phase or contact them personally.
The next step is to choose a snapshot. A snapshot is a set of ready-made card templates with geolocation and information about the company, configured for auto-push notifications and custom auto-push notifications.
The sets of cards and themes depend on the business niche.
You can also create multiple sub-accounts by clicking a couple of buttons. Select the desired companies from the list and select "Create sub-accounts" in the actions.
In the modal window the necessary settings and then the required snapshot.
Your sub-accounts have been created. For each sub-account, a landing page with personalized company information, images, and reviews is generated.
You can view the landing page in the sub-accounts section.
Thanks to the prospecting section, the process of finding and attracting new clients is simplified.