Integrate Boomerangme with 5,000+ apps with the Zapier

Zapier is a cloud-based platform for creating application business logic and setting up integrations without code. There are over 5,000 apps in the Zapier catalog.

To create an automation, you need to have a Zapier account. You can go to the Zapier page from your Boomerangme account: go to the integration section and find "Zapier", click "Connect".

Sign in or create an account.

On the main page of your Zapier account, click "+Create a Zap"

On the automation creation page, in the upper left corner, you can enter a name for the automation. Automation steps will be displayed in the center. Automations in Zapier start with a trigger - an event that starts a chain of actions. The second and next steps are the actions that happen on our trigger.

Click on Trigger, find the Boomerangme application in the modal window. Select the desired event (our trigger) from the dropdown list and click continue.

Now we need to connect our Boomerangme account. Click Connect New Account. Paste the Api Key from our personal Boomerangme account into the model window and click continue.

Then the test trigger (in our case New Customer) and all information about it will be displayed in Zapier.

Click "Continue" and now set up the action. Select Boomerangme from the application list.

Select an action from the drop-down list, such as "Issue card". Click Continue.

In the "Account" section, the account is already connected, so click "Continue".

Fill in the required fields. Select "Template ID" from the drop-down list and map to the "Customer ID" field.

Let's do a test action. We see that the "Card Issue" data has appeared. They can be used in the next automation steps.

To add the next action, you must click the "+" at the bottom of the last automation action. Similarly to the previous step, select an action (in the screenshot "Card Add Stamp"), an account, fill in the required fields.

The "Card Id" field is mapped to the field from the "Issue card" step. Fill in the Stamps field manually. The Comment field is optional. Click continue and then test.

You can add more actions to this automation. For example, you can create an action to send an SMS with a link to install a card. For this, you can use SMS by Zapier, Twillio or others. After completing the automation setup, click "Publish". Done! We created automation in Zapier with Boomerangme.

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