How to set up automation with Albato.com

To create an automation, you need to have an Albato account. You can go to the Albato page from your Boomerang account: go to the integration section and find "Albato", click "Connect".

Sign in or create an account.

In the "Automations" section of your Albato account, click "Create a new automation".

On the automation creation page you can enter a name for the automation. Automation steps will be displayed in the center.

Automations in Albato start with a trigger - an event that starts a chain of actions. The second and next steps are the actions that happen on our trigger.

Click "Add a Trigger", find the Boomerang application in the drop-down list.

Select the desired event (our trigger) from the dropdown list.

Now we need to connect our Boomerang account. Click " + Add a connection ".

Paste the Api Key from our personal Boomerang account into the model window and click continue.

Click "Add an action", find the Boomerang application in the drop-down list.

Select an action from the drop-down list, such as "Issue card".

In the next modal window fill in the required fields. Select "Template ID" from the drop-down list and map to the "Customer ID" field. Click "Save".

You can add the following actions.

When the automation is ready, click "Start".

Our automation is ready and is displayed in the "Automations" section.

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