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Snapshots are a ready-made set of loyalty cards with linked company geolocation and auto-Push set for your sub-accounts.
In the snapshots section there are 3 tabs: vertical, custom and imported.
Vertical snapshots
There are 6 kinds of them for different business niches. If you apply a system snapshot, then the design of loyalty cards will include the logo, icon and background picture of the card of this company. The company's contact information will also be pulled into the card. Each snapshot has its own set of loyalty cards. For example, if you apply the system snapshot "Food and beverage" to a sub-account, it will contain the following cards: coupon, reward, stamp, discount, cashback, certificate.
Sample sub account with system snapshot
Custom snapshots
You can export your custom snapshots For example, your sub-account has its own set of loyalty cards with promotions terms and design. You can export these and apply them to another sub-account or share on social media with other resellers.
To do this, in the sub-accounts section, select the sub-account you want to export a snapshot from, select "Export snapshot" in actions, give a title and description.
Your snapshot will now appear in the Custom snapshots section. When you create a sub account, you can select it from the list. 
You can also apply it to a previously created sub account.
Select "Apply snapshot" in the actions.
Imported snapshots
Your snapshots that you import appear in this section. If someone reseller shares a link to the snapshot with you, you can paste it into the box and click "Import snapshot".
Imported snapshots can also be applied to sub accounts.
Imported and exported snapshots appear to you at the step of selecting a snapshot for a sub-account.