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Connect integration with Square
Square is a financial services platform developed. It is aimed at small-and medium-size businesses, allowing them to accept credit card payments and use phones or tablets as payment registers for a point-of-sale system.
To connect the integration, you need to have an account in Square and set up loyalty in it: you need to select the conditions for receiving points and rewards. Then sign up for loyalty.
In Boomerangme, you need to create and activate a Reward card. The phone number field should be the only required field. We also recommend that you do not set an expiration date for the card and rewards, and disable the referral program, because Square only has cards without a card expiration date and its own referral program. In Square, you can only set the lifetime of points. Setting up card rewards in our system is not required. Once the card is integrated, the Square Loyalty Program terms will appear on the Boomerangme card.
In the "Integrations" section of your Boomerangme account, find "Cards integration with Square" and click Connect.
Log in to your Square account and after moving back to Boomerangme, select the card you want to integrate from the drop-down list. Please note that only activated reward cards are shown in the drop-down list.
Now our integration with Square is set up. In order for your customers to receive a link to install the card, you need to connect Twilio service in the mailing section.
It works as follows: in the customer's profile Square in the section "Loyalty Summary" we create an account, in Boomerangme we create a customer with the same data, an integrated loyalty card is issued for him and an SMS with a link to install the card is sent (if the Twilio service is connected).
If the loyalty card is issued on the side of Boomerangme (by QR or referral program), a customer and a loyalty account with the same data are created in Square.
 Now all changes of bonus quantity and reward availability are synchronized in Boomerangme and Square.
Also, in the profile of a Square customer, the Boomerangme Card Id field displays the loyalty card number. If this field is not visible, then go to the Customers=>Settings section and make it visible.