Connect integration with Square

Square is a financial services platform developed. It is aimed at small-and medium-size businesses, allowing them to accept credit card payments and use phones or tablets as payment registers for a point-of-sale system.

To connect the integration, you need to have an account in Square and set up loyalty in it: you need to select the conditions for receiving points and rewards. Then sign up for loyalty.

In the "Integrations" section of your Boomerangme account, find "Cards integration with Square" and click Connect.

Log in to your Square account and when you return to Boomerangme, you'll see that the integration is connected. You can inactivate and remove the integration.

Click on the intgeration and go to the intgeration information window.

Here you will see the integration identifier, its status, and the number of customers. You can also configure "Sending data" and "Data priority". If you enable sending data, the customer's card number will be displayed in Square. Selecting the data priority will affect customer data, such as first and last name.

Now let's go to the cards section: we can see that a reward card was created when the intgeration was connected.

The template settings show all the reward levels configured in your Square account. Note that you don't need to customize the reward levels in boomerang yourself. They are synchronized with the loyalty settings of your Square account. Also the phone field should be required on the Card issuing form.

Now our integration with Square is set up. In order for your customers to receive a link to install the card, you need to connect Twilio service in the mailing section.

It works as follows: in the customer's profile Square in the section "Loyalty Summary" we create an account, in Boomerangme we create a customer with the same data, an integrated loyalty card is issued for him and an SMS with a link to install the card is sent (if the Twilio service is connected).

If the loyalty card is issued on the side of Boomerangme (by QR or referral program), a customer and a loyalty account with the same data are created in Square.
 Now all changes of bonus quantity and reward availability are synchronized in Boomerangme and Square.

You can redeem rewards through the Square POS mobile app. Download it on iOS and authorize. Navigate to rewards in the Library section and select a customer.

Select the award to redeem and tap Add customer.

Now enter the purchase amount and tap Review Sale. You can see that the reward is displayed. It also says how many points will be added for the purchase.

❗️❗️❗️We recommend using valid phone numbers for testing, otherwise customers are not created in the Square.

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