Integrate Boomerangme with 1,000+ apps with the Pabbly

Pabbly is an affordable and accessible platform that offers users a simple way to automate manual tasks. To create an automation, you need to have a Pabbly account.

You can go to the Pabbly page from your Boomerangme account: go to the integration section and find "Pabbly", click "Connect".

Sign in or create an account.

In the "Pabbly Connect" window, click the "Access Now" button.

Click the "Create Workflow" button and give the automation a name.

In our example, we will create an automation with Google sheets and Boomerangme applications.
 The data from the table will be passed to Boomerangme and a customer will be created.

Let's choose the application for the trigger: in the search bar, type Google sheets and select it.

Let's choose the trigger from the drop-down list: "New or updated spreadsheet row".

Plug in the desired table following the instructions. Below is an example table with column names.

Wait for the test data to be received.

The next step is to select an application to perform the action. Let's type "Boomerangme" in the search bar and select it.

From the drop-down list, select the "Create customer" action and click the "Connect" button. 
Connect your Boomerangme account using the Api key from your personal account.

Match the fields. Only the "Name" and "Phone" fields are mandatory. The other fields are optional.

Click the "Save & Send test Request" button.

Our automation is ready. When new data appears in the table, a customer will be created in Boomerangme.

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