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Loyalty ROI calculator

Use our Loyalty ROI Calculator to see how much you can earn from your customer base
A loyalty ROI calculator is a valuable tool for local businesses seeking to increase customer loyalty and retention. It allows businesses to measure the return on investment (ROI) of their loyalty programs by providing a clear understanding of the financial impact of these initiatives.
The calculator works by taking into account various metrics, such as customer spend, frequency of purchases, and customer retention rates. By inputting these metrics into the loyalty ROI calculator, businesses can determine the financial uplift gained from their loyalty programs.
You can calculate ROI at the following link:
To calculate ROI, you can use the following formula:
LTV=(LIFETIME*AOV) * grossmargin%
CAC=((VR * N)+S)/N
LIFETIME - the duration of the customer interaction or customer lifespan
AOV - average order value
% grossmargin - gross profit per customer in percentage
VR - reward cost
PRICE - product price
DISCOUNT - discount amount offered within loyalty program
S - sum of expenses incurred by the user for the service, dependent on your tariff
N - number of new customers