Connect integration with Shopify

The Shopify integration is only connected in the domain https://app.boomerangme.cards. Navigate to the integrations section and select Shopify from the list.

In the modal window, enter your Shopify store URL and click Connect. Install the Boomerangme application.

In the "Cards" section, you'll find a cashback card template integrated with your Shopify store.

Card type cannot be changed in settings; it must be a cashback card and email must be a mandatory field in the card issuance form. You can customize other loyalty and design settings according to your preferences. Don't forget to activate the card; otherwise, you can issue it to a maximum of 10 customers.

The next step is configuring the widget on your Shopify store page: go to your store theme settings and enable the Boomerangme widget.

The widget will now be displayed in your store. Registered users can access information about earned points, loyalty terms, and the referral program in the widget.

Our integration is set up. Now when a user registers in your shopify store, they will be issued a cashback card. All additions and spending points on the card will be synchronized with Boomerangme.

The widget also allows users to redeem points. In the widget's "Ways to redeem" section, select the number of points to redeem.

The discount promo code will then apply to the purchase in the payment window.

In case of purchase cancellation, points will be deducted from the buyer's account.

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