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How to create and send a mailing

Send sms and emails to your customers.
The new mailing section is located near the "Send Push" section.
In it you can create mailings to your clients by email and sms.
To make the mailing function available you need to connect your Twilio (for sms) and Mailgun (for email) accounts in the settings.
Now let's go back to the mailing section and create mailing.
In actions select create mailing.
In the modal window enter the name of the mailing and select the type: email and/or sms.
Click "Create mailing".
In the next window you can select the recipients of the mailing: it can be all your customers or only customers from a certain segment.
You can also send the mailing immediately after creation, or you can schedule it. To do this, you need to select the Schedule checkbox and choose the date and time of the mailing.
We can use emoticons.
And also placeholders.
Placeholders allow you to make messages unique for each recipient. 
You can expand the placeholders sections and select the desired card.

When the text of the mailing is ready, click the "Create mailing". Now our mailing appears in the list.
To get detailed information click on the name of the mailing.
This page shows information about the mailing, as well as sending statuses for each recipient.