Automatic creation of sub-accounts

How to Automatically Create Sub-Accounts in Boomerangme from GoHighLevel

In this article, we will guide you through the process of automatically creating sub-accounts in Boomerangme from GoHighLevel. This feature allows you to seamlessly set up separate accounts for your clients, granting them access to their own dedicated space within Boomerangme. By following the steps below, you can efficiently manage client accounts and enhance their experience.

To begin, authorize your client as a sub-account user with the necessary access level. Regardless of the access type (e.g., admin or regular user), the process remains the same. After authorizing the client, they can select their specific sub-account by clicking on the Loyalty button.

This ensures that they only have access to their own sub-account, rather than the other accounts associated with your agency.

Upon selecting the sub-account, Boomerangme's integration with GoHighLevel utilizes API and OAuth authorization to automatically retrieve information from the GoHighLevel site.

In the reseller dashboard, navigate to the sub-account section. Here, you will find the automatically created sub-account for the client. The trial period and the next renewal date will be visible. Additionally, you can set up renewals according to your preference.

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