Adding Rewards Custom Menu Link for Subs

To add a loyalty button with boomerang me feature implemented for your sub-accounts in go-high level, first of all you need to open your agent account and settings button.

Next, you need to find the link custom menu links and you can create a link here.

Select the link icon and enter the title of the link.

The link URL is your white label domain name. In my case, It would be, but you need to add a slash gohighlevel in the end of your address.

You can customize where this link will be displayed and what will happen when you click on the link. After all settings, click "Save".

Right now you can login as a sub account. And see the left side menu, you can find the loyalty section here.

Now your clients will be automatically authorized in their dashboards, under your brand and domain name, of course, using OAuth.

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